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Crowdstory provides Story-as-a-Service, standardizing questions and process to enhance the quality of storytelling, while also reducing costs and timelines. We focus on the tech market, with a further focus in IoT and Cloud Computing.

Crowdstory also brings to market an online, collaborative storytelling app that assists authors and subject matter experts in getting their stories told.

Marketing likes us because we capture stories in a consistent fashion, analyze them to understand patterns (for instance, why customers buy) and then give back detailed messaging broken down by stakeholder and industry.

Sales likes us because we capture stories in a consistent fashion, tag them by industry and story attribute (such as business outcome and value proposition) to assist in reference selling.

In terms of publishing stories for the purpose of educating, we still believe books provide a powerful structure for educating on complex topics; however, to educate ourselves these days, we’re more likely to go to YouTube to watch a video than to Barnes and Noble to buy a printed book. And in this increasingly digital world, even eBooks are extremely limited in the amount of video they can contain.

To address this, we created the Cloudbook format and app, which allows us to share stories as online and mobile “books” that are rich with unlimited videos, text, slides, PDFs and exam content per chapter. As such, we have packaged a collection of stories as Cloudbooks on topics such as IoT, cloud computing and negotiations. We can also publish our customers’ story content to provide them with a consistent, mobile and online vehicle in which to educate their employees, channel partners and customers worldwide.

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