Storytelling for the Enterprise

Focused on the Industrial Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Tech Markets

Cloudbook, Inc. is dedicated to the pursuit of quality storytelling, primarily for the enterprise, and with a focus on the industrial Internet of Things. We go to market primarily under two brands: PrecisionStory and Crowdstory.

Our PrecisionStory brand focuses on industrial IoT storytelling. At its foundation is the book and class Precision: Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things by Dr. Timothy Chou.

We believe the best stories are left lost in the field. In response, our Crowdstory brand provides a story-as-a-service offer which standardizes both questions and process to enhance the quality and reduce the cost for capturing stories from the field.

We also believe books offer a time proven format to tell more complicated and involved stories, as they organize an overall story into balanced chapters and don't need training to use. However, physical and eBook formats are limited in an age when people wanting to be educated are more likely to go to YouTube to watch a video versus dropping by the local bookstore to read a book. Therefore, we created the Cloudbook App which enables us to kit and publish our customer's stories as "books" (or what we like to call "Cloudbooks") for mobile and online with unlimited video, text, slides, PDFs and exams. Cloudbooks can also be deployed as online classes. We think of the Cloudbook format as the "next generation book."

Example Customers